Our heartfelt thoughts continue to be with those whose lives have been affected by the devastating damage caused by the recent hurricanes in the south and southeast United States, including our AAN members in these regions and the patients they are caring for under such difficult conditions. In response:

  • The AAN provided assistance to the medical facilities and services in Puerto Rico by: waiving 2018 membership dues for the university's 12 adult neurology residents and four fellows; waiving the 2018 RITE® fee for nine residents and three pediatric neurology fellows; and providing $2,500 travel grants to three senior residents and two fellows to attend the 2018 AAN Annual Meeting.
  • The AAN created, and gave a $50,000 gift, to the AAN Hurricane Relief Fund for Affected Neurology Practices to help AAN members in need of assistance due to the hurricanes. The fund is now closed. We want to thank everyone who gave a gift to the fund to help your colleagues. Your generosity and compassion during this very difficult time is appreciated.
  • The AAN made a donation to the American Red Cross.