Leadership programs

Transforming Leaders

Created to identify and develop talent among experienced members for future leadership roles in the AAN and the field of neurology through personal coaching sessions, networking opportunities with AAN leaders, and collaboration with colleagues on personal and collaborative leadership projects.

After just a few months in the Transforming Leaders Program, I maximized my talents while minimizing my weaknesses, I can efficiently resolve conflict with less effort, and I am more mindful in my conversations and decision making.  Somehow I am now able to achieve more, without working harder.

Jennifer Bickel Young, MD, FAAN

2016 Transforming Leaders Program Participant

The application period is currently open and will close at 11:59 p.m. CT on June 4, 2018.



US neurologist members 10 or more years out of residency, with demonstrated effective leadership skills, and an interest in future roles of responsibility within the AAN and the field of neurology.


Program Overview

Through the program you will:

  • Complete program pre-work including articles, leadership assessments and exercises to prepare for the in-person kick-off
  • Hone leadership skills through customized and in-depth leadership training
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities with AAN Board and committee members
  • Attend monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with a professional consultant
  • Attend four face-to-face meetings with a facilitator, AAN staff, and fellow participants
  • Participate in exclusive mentoring
  • Take part in a self-guided leadership project during the first four months of the program
  • Take part in a group project during the second half of the program, with final presentation to the AAN/AANI Bord at the June 2019 Board Meeting


Time Commitment
Participants are required to attend all leadership retreats, coaching calls, and small group calls. Please do not apply for this program if you are unable to attend the listed mandatory retreats. The AAN covers all program-related expenses for the selected participants.


Participants will take part in a self-guided leadership project during the first four months of the program and in a group project during the second half of the program, with final presentation to the AAN/AANI Board at the June 2018 Board Meeting.

See examples of Transforming Leaders Program personal projects.

Participants will be matched with a mentor who is a current or past member of the AAN Board of Directors.


Key Program Dates

Mandatory Leadership Retreats for 2018-2019:

  • September of 2018, AAN Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN
  • January or February of 2019 (Exact date and location TBD)
  • In conjunction with the AAN 2019 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
  • June of 2019 in conjunction with the AAN Board of Directors Meeting, AAN Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN

Application Requirements

AAN members interested in participating in the program should submit the following documents in PDF format as part of the application process:

  • Letter of Interest
  • How do you see yourself in a leadership role? Why are YOU the candidate for this program?
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proposed Personal Leadership Project
    • This proposal should describe your personal leadership project. Include your major goal/vision for the next year and your desired outcome. It could be something in your work environment or community, a new program you'd like to launch, a new system you want to develop, or an old system you'd like to improve and make more effective.
    • Explain how your project could impact and/or improve your work or community and give you real-time transforming leader experience.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Preference will be given to applicants who have not completed any of the following AAN Leadership Programs: Emerging Leaders Program, Women Leading in Neurology, and Practice Leadership Program.

 The Transforming Leaders Program grading rubric can be found here.

The Transforming Leaders Program is supported in part by grants from Allergan, Inc., Lundbeck LLC., Sanofi Genzyme, and Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Q: How long does my project proposal have to be?

A: There is not a required length, most proposals range from 1-2 pages.


Q: What are the dates for the program?

A: The program dates can be found in the key program dates section of the website.


Q: How many individuals are accepted into the program?

A: Generally 10 individuals are accepted into the program.


Q: What if I cannot make one of the in-person meetings?

A: All in-person meetings are mandatory to attend so participants would need to make scheduling adjustments or apply next year. No deferments will be allowed.


Q: What are the applications graded on?

A: The application criteria is set by the Career Leadership Subcommittee and can be found in the Application Requirements section of the webpage.


For additional information, please contact Bonnie Sova, Senior Administrator, Leadership Programs, at (612) 928-6164.