Guidelines and measures Open For Public Comment

Review and comment on the following draft practice guidelines and quality measures that are currently open for public comment. 

Practice Guidelines Posted for Public Comment

For clinicians, review the draft manuscript of the full guideline protocol provided for review and then provide comments. For patients, caregivers, and patient advocates, review accompanying public summary and provide your feedback. 

For guideline protocols, the AAN requests comments on the following issues: 

  • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the clinical questions
  • Appropriateness of proposed research approach
  • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the document

For guidelines, the AAN requests comments on the following issues: 

  • Interpretation and inclusion of evidence
  • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the following: conclusion statements, recommendations, and overall document
  • Clear explanations of condition, treatment, and supporting scientific evidence
  • Usefulness of the document

Document Types

Practice Guideline: These documents make actionable practice recommendations based on systematic reviews of evidence.

Protocol: A protocol is an outline, or roadmap, for developing the systematic review and clinical practice guideline. A protocol does not have conclusion or recommendation statements. These will be developed after the authors find and analyze the studies, or evidence. This evidence will then be included in the final systematic review and guideline. 

Quality Measures Posted For Public Comment

At this time, there are no quality measures posted for public comment. Learn what quality measures are in development and will be posted next for public comment.