Axon Registry Participants

Access Axon Registry® dashboard information and educational resources for registry users and practice staff. 


The Axon Registry user dashboard portal is where participating neurologists can access their data, compare their quality measure performance against national benchmarks, and uncover potential areas for quality improvement.

Access to the user dashboard is determined by the AAN member credentials, the member's Axon Registry participation, and the status of practice's encounter data integration into the registry. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox to access the dashboard.

Access the Axon Registry user dashboard


Two-Factor Authentication:

The Axon Registry user dashboard has two-factor authentication (2FA). The simple 2FA process can be skipped five times but after that is required. The 2FA enrollment is stored for four different devices. Watch Two Factor Authentication video or review the guide.



If you are still looking for a way to report MIPS in 2017 the AAN has partnered with with registry vendor Premier to supply a manual submission option for providers to meet MIPS reporting year 2017 requirements. Access the submission method  and you will be provided a discount as an AAN member.

As you decide throughout the year whether you would like to use the Axon Registry to meet CMS' MIPS submission in 2018, please review the information listed below.

  • Practices must be enrolled and onboarded by June 1 of the reporting year in order to be eligible for MIPS reporting. This is to account for the time that it takes to integrate. If you do not get onboarded by June 1, or your EHR system has a long integration process, you will be provided with an alternative MIPS submission method.
  • Not all measures in the Axon Registry are eligible for submission for MIPS. Please review the Axon Registry Quality Measures to learn more.
  • The Axon Registry gives providers the ability to submit all three components of MIPS. Keep in mind that Advancing Care Information and Improvement Activities are manual data entry and attestation. 
  • It is not required to submit for MIPS with the Axon Registry in order to participate.
  • Your practice can only submit as individual providers through the Axon Registry; there is no group reporting option at this time.

Axon Registry Resources

Below you will find educational information and resources to help with Axon Registry participation.