Axon Registry Participants

From the Axon Registry® Participants page individual registry user providers, as well as neurology practice staff, can access Axon Registry user participation information.

User Dashboard Portal

The Axon Registry user dashboard portal is where participating neurologists can access their data, run queries on their own patient population, compare their quality measure performance against national benchmarks, and uncover potential areas for quality improvement.

Access to the user dashboard is determined by the AAN member credentials, the member's Axon Registry participation, and the status of practice's encounter data integration into the registry. It is recommended to use a web browser other than Internet Explorer to access the Axon Registry user dashboard. If you are experiencing issues, try using Google Chrome or Firefox.

We added a new layer of security to the Axon Registry user dashboard with two-factor authentication (2FA). The simple 2FA process can be skipped five times but after that is required. The 2FA enrollment is stored for four different devices. For more information, review the Two Factor Authentication User Manual.

Resources and Education

MIPS Reporting

Below are the deadlines to report for MIPS through the Axon Registry. If you will not be using the registry, there are other options listed. For more information contact

2017 MIPS Reporting via Axon Registry:

  • September 1, 2017: Push sites have sent data to the registry
  • October 1, 2017: Push sites have completed the gap analysis
  • December 1, 2017: Practice must have completed their mapping calls

2017 MIPS Submission via MIPSwizard® (CECity)

  • Updates to be made once dates are released
User Group Meeting: Webinar Recordings
Axon Registry Participant Updates
Measure Validation

What steps are being taken to check the validity of the Axon Registry measures?

The AAN is validating the measures and the data in Axon Registry in several ways.

1) Each practice will have three or more mapping calls with the registry vendor, FIGMD. The purpose of these calls is to review their practice's measure performances and show FIGMD where specific measure documentation is stored within their EHR. After each call, the client account manager on the call will work with the FIGMD mapping team to be sure that workflow is being accurately mapped. The practice is able to continue these mapping calls until they feel confident that their data is being accurately collected.

2) AAN staff, physicians, and representatives from FIGMD regularly review each registry measure to ensure that the algorithms being used are correctly calculating performance rates.

3) AAN has reached out to multiple practices asking them to independently perform audits on their data and have chart reviews in order to ensure that they feel their practice's performance is being reflected accurately.

4) In 2017, the AAN will hire an external vendor to independently validate the data in the registry.

If you have questions or concerns about validating measures, please reach out to AAN registry staff.

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